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As a logistics company, Amstan can easily handle all of your transportation needs anywhere in the world through our relationships with a large number of service providers. Be it over the road, rail, air or sea; van, flatbed or reefer; standard delivery, expedited or guaranteed, Amstan is the one call for all of your transportation needs.

When you have a shipment, we match your needs with the capabilities of the carriers in our data base to ensure that you receive a competitively priced transportation service.  While carriers transport your shipment, we are in daily communication with representatives of the carrier to ensure your satisfaction.

If the shipment is time sensitive, Amstan has access to expedited carriers to ensure delivery at the time you need.  We have access to various sized equipment from panel vans to straight trucks to 53’ semi-trailers.  In the air, our carrier’s capabilities range from Cessnas to Antonovs.  You only pay for the size equipment you need and the service you want.

At times, customers require that the trucks be operated by Amstan rather than another carrier.  This request represents no problem to Amstan as we do operate a fleet of over 125 tractors pulling 53’ dry vans and 45’, 48’ and 53’ flatbed and step decks.  

If you have any questions on Amstan’s capabilities or would like a quote, please contact us at 800.322.5546.

Amstan Logistics is located in the Vora Technology Park in Hamilton, OH – just north of Cincinnati.  At Amstan, we offer our customers a full range of logistics services including transportation, distribution and consultation which are described in detail within this site.   We don’t provide “canned” solutions; rather, we meet with our customers to determine their unmet needs and requirements then develop a program around these specific needs.  With strategic partners located throughout not only the United States but the rest of the world, we can address your international needs as well as domestic ones. 

We don’t just move freight; instead, we move information as we recognize the important role of information in supporting our customer’s operations.  Our facility boasts state of the art computer and communications networks.  This assures that no matter what situations arise, be it weather conditions, power outages or any other crises, Amstan will be there to keep your shipments on the move day and night.

Browse through our site then contact us so we can demonstrate how we are Transforming Transportation Through Technology!

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